Since your website is the hub for your business or content, getting it set up properly from the start is important. Making an optimized website from the ground up is setting a solid foundation for the future of your business.

Since your website is the hub for your business or content, getting it set up properly from the start is important. Making an optimized website from the ground up is setting a solid foundation for the future of your business.

Using Optimized Website Design to Build SEO

Building SEO within your website design is crucial to do right from the start. Websites are the main online method for clients to find you and your company, so having a website that is optimized for SEO is key! The good news? It’s totally possible to hire a WordPress website design company to lead you in the right direction.

Why is SEO important in website design?

SEO is probably one of the most important things you’ll need to pay attention to right from the start. Not to make you nervous, but it’s the truth! A poorly optimized website can either make or break how much website traffic you can get.

SEO is what communicates to Google what your website is about. This simple setup and action then tell Google what to “rank” you for, and over time, we give you organic traffic to your site based upon the searches that people are typing into Google.

The great part about getting SEO and organic traffic is that the people that are coming to your website via a Google search are looking specifically for what they’re there for. This means that they want a solution and potentially even looking and ready to buy.

How hard is it to optimize a website?

Our website design company specializes in WordPress because this is what we’re experts in. We know the ins and outs of WordPress, which is recognized as a blogging and website platform that works well with Google updates and algorithm changes.

This doesn’t mean that other platforms or blogging websites may not be beneficial, but those who have their online business on WordPress tend to find it easier to use and navigate.

Start with the basics of website design.

One of the first ways to optimize a website for SEO is to work on its internal structure. While it’s important to fill the pages with words that describe your business and products, it’s also just as important to ensure that you have good landing pages, categories, and a site at fast speed.

The kicker about optimizing a website is that there are actually a lot of moving parts. Not only do you want to create content on your site, but you want to make sure that it’s structured in a way that is simple and easy for users to read and navigate.

Having categories at the top is key. This helps those who are visiting your page know exactly where to find what they’re looking for. This also helps put important keywords on your page to optimize it as well.

Speed matters!

The other reason that having a website design company helps is that speed matters. A slow-running website is a huge red flag to Google and will hurt you when you try to rank.

A company like ours that knows how to set up a website proves that you can have speed without worry.

So many times, people will try and get their own website set up and bog it down with hefty plug-ins that do nothing but slow down the performance of the page.

Plug-ins can be great, but they’re not even needed often and can do more harm than good!

Be descriptive about your services and products.

Your website will guide and direct people to your services, your products, and more. Giving factual information is key, and doing so in an easy-to-read and understandable manner is crucial.

Think about ROI – Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Keep in mind that asking for help when it comes to building a website is a good return on investment. Picking a good domain name for your business is key, as is taking the time to start the website correctly from the beginning.

The last thing you want to happen is to DIY your website, only to find out that it’s not optimized or helpful to your growth in any way. This means that any time and effort you’ve spent on it is a waste. You’ll also have to reach out to current clients and redirect them to your new site (which is still a good idea, but not necessary if you have good SEO).

While it’s not impossible to DIY your website design, it can get increasingly difficult and messy. Starting off on the right foot is key so that you don’t have to make big changes later down the road.

Why use a WordPress Website Design Company?

At Impressions Media, we know what needs to be done to manage a WordPress website right from the start. Not only can we save you headaches and frustrations, but our team is conveniently virtual and available. We aim to be easy to work with and dependable for all our clients’ needs.

Our biggest goal is to set up your website to give you a running start and all the success you deserve. The tips we know about SEO are the same tips and tricks we pass along to you.

We know how important it is to be stable and steady to meet the demands of what is sure to be a fast-growing business.

Let us take over making your online presence known so that you’re able to sit back and put your focus on finding ways to continue to grow. You do the things you love, while we take care of your online presence! Reach out today.

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