Read these quick reasons why building a website with WordPress is the key to online business success, and how to get started.

Why you Should Create a Website with WordPress

Why You Should Create a Website with WordPress

When it comes to creating a website, WordPress is the best option to start with. Not only do millions of other sites trust WordPress to safeguard all their website data, but WordPress is a great platform that is simple and easy to use.

If you’re trying to decide if WordPress is right for you, we’ll tell you why it is. Read on for a few brief tips on how to use WordPress. You can easily set up your website with WordPress.

Is WordPress good to use for a business website in 2022?

Absolutely. 100%. WordPress is one of the most popular ways to construct and run a great website. More than 40% of active websites currently use WordPress every single day.

How long does it take to master WordPress?

Mastering anything is hard work and some people don’t have the time or patience (of course, reach out to us if we can help!). Using WordPress efficiently will take quite some time.

The more that you use WordPress, learn, and practice, the more acclimated you will get. It’s really not too hard to learn if you are inclined. WordPress has a friendly user dashboard that you can get the hang of very quickly.

Now that you know a few positives about using WordPress, let’s dive in and highlight some of the main areas that make WordPress stand out above the rest.

Is WordPress the Best? We Think So.

While everyone will have their own reasons for choosing a specific content management system (such as WordPress, Wix, etc.), here are some of the top reasons we like WordPress best.

It’s SEO-friendly

When you start a website, you need to be sure that you’re creating a space where people can find you and your products or services. Setting up a website on WordPress is an easy way to make that happen.

You can optimize WordPress and make it SEO-friendly, which is what Google loves and looks for when helping to send people to your site.

WordPress can be flexible

Making content updates and design changes is easy. If you’re a fan of updating your site often with new information, WordPress is fast and easy. You can quickly change the theme, look, or content with just a few clicks or a simple plug-in addition.

You can create shops

When it comes to making money online, everyone knows that having an online shop with products, or else a check-out page is key. At the minimum, you should have a contact page.

The great thing about setting up a WordPress website is that you can add Woocommerce, Shopify, or other shopping options. You can also set up a simple checkout process right on the site so that it provides the users with a fast and efficient way to check out without any hassle.

It’s safe and secure

The last thing that you want to have to happen is for someone to hack into your site. WordPress has many options to keep your site secure and prevent hacking and spam.

How long does it take to set up a WordPress site?

A talented WordPress website designer can set up and build a site from a template in a very short time, 2-5 hours usually. More complicated, custom WordPress websites take more time depending on factors such as the number of pages, any custom design elements, and any coding required.

What type of websites use WordPress?

This is where it gets fun! WordPress is versatile, making it great for all types of businesses.

Bloggers use it for posts, recipes, and more. It’s a great way to have space for words and pictures and to create a fun layout for readers to enjoy.

You’ll also find that small businesses and companies will use WordPress as well because it’s simple and easy to use. Custom design it, brand it, and structure it in any way that you see fit!

Any business can benefit from choosing WordPress!

How many posts can a WordPress website have?

There is no such thing as a content limit with WordPress, although your host choice does matter – choose a good host for your site!

A good host, paired with WordPress, will ensure that all your traffic can keep coming without any issues. WordPress, alongside good hosting, is a great and simple structure that can easily handle thousands of articles and millions of visitors to your site without issue.

Is WordPress right for you?

Most people find that WordPress is a great fit for them. WordPress is made for everyone, including beginners and experienced web developers. It’s simple to navigate, fun to use, and easy to update content. If you find you need more work done on your site than you can handle, you can easily hire a content management team like us to take over and do all the work for you. That way, you can ultimately sit back and relax while we use WordPress to create an epic site to scale all your business dreams.

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