Helpful tips and ideas for website making: How to make a website that creates the potential for conversion: to sell, showcase, connect, or influence.

website making tips to drive conversions

Building a Successful Website: Making a Connection with Buyers

What is the point of having a website? Is the purpose of website making to attract customers or just to have an outlet for thoughts and ideas? What do YOU want your site to be about, but what will also resonate with your visitors?

The point of website making is to meet a specific GOAL: either to sell, showcase, connect, or influence. The point is to make CONVERSIONS.

Your website should be ALL about your business to attract buyers and clients and build brand awareness. And if you’re a blogger or individual, set up your site to showcase your ideas and expertise through your writing. In this article, you’ll find out how to make a site that converts into leads and sales.

Your website: making a point

Do you know the point of your website? Is a building plan in place? Do you want your site to be a launching point for your business, or are you just wanting it to supplement to provide extra information?

Figuring out the point of your website means that you’ll be able to really focus on what you want it to do. If you want sales, make it about the products or services that you can offer.

If you want people to sign up for your newsletter, use your site as the landing page for them to be able to sign up and stay notified anytime you have a product release or a new blog post.

Having a website with a purpose means that you’ll draw in traffic and potentially start earning money on the amount of traffic coming to your site.

Making your website easy to use

Clients or customers get confused and frustrated quickly if there are issues navigating the website. Make sure to label everything clearly, that you have landing pages or categories so that they know where to go, and provide them with as much information as possible without making it too cluttered.

Since most customers will likely be on their mobile devices, you don’t want to have a hard-to-read website or have it too crowded with pictures and images. Always think about user experience regarding any part of your site.

Ask your audience what they like

The great part about setting up a blog or making a website is that you can ask for feedback on what they like and don’t care for.

This is great for creating a space that is pleasing to your audience base so that they’ll come back more often and have a positive result.

If you don’t have access to a lot of customers or traffic to your site yet, don’t fret. You can easily use social media to share your progress. Have family and friends take a look and offer feedback.

Once you get your audience’s feedback, you can decide whether the suggestions are something you can implement or not. Don’t stress if it’s too much to work on at once, as not everything will be doable. Just put the feedback into your idea bank and do what you can with the feedback you accept.

Pivot when needed

Setting up a website that converts is the biggest priority when making your website.

Put in the structure, be patient with the results, and trust in the process – but don’t be afraid to pivot.

If what you had envisioned is suddenly no longer working, you have to be able to edit and add or remove things. Change (based on observations and results tracking) is usually a good thing. Sometimes, it’s as easy as restructuring the landing pages or the categories, or other times, you may want to rebrand completely and change your logo or something else.

The beauty of having your very own website is that you control what is on it and what you put on it. You can change up literally everything that you don’t care for and make it something that works for your business.

Add services and products to your site

If you love everything about your website, still aim to continue to make it better. You can keep building and improving even if you have a slam-dunk website from the start.

Along with new pictures and images, you can create new looks and ideas, create a new shop for your products, or even promote various items at different times of the year.

Website making provides endless opportunities for your business and purposes. Create your website and use it as a blank slate for marketing your services and products. Speaking of marketing…

Don’t forget to market your site!

Enhance the future success of your site with your website marketing abilities. Don’t forget to leverage and promote all your hard work!

While it may take a little bit for SEO and Google to optimize your site, you can boost the traffic and make a presence while waiting for everything else to come into play.

Social media outlets are a fun way to let everyone know about your website, and don’t forget to have friends and family spread the word, too. Boost your website’s success just by people you know sharing and sending out information to others.

Conversions = $$$

Overall, website making will convert into money, sales, and growth. There are endless options for building a website that will convert.

Launch your website to really enhance your brand and to also make your first footprint on the web as well. Since the world that we live in is becoming more and more digital, it just makes sense to create an online space that does not limit you by a geographic region. Your website can easily have the potential to go global and reach customers and clients from all parts of the world!

Start with the small and easy steps and then set goals for accomplishing the rest. It’s entirely possible to create a user-friendly and functional website in a short amount of time – which means you’ll be able to promote and earn money even faster!

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